Cottage Industries Nicaragua, "SEEDS"


The goal is to equip Nicaraguan Christians with the skills needed to support not only their family but also their local church using their God given gifts and talents.


One of the difficulties of church planting in Nicaragua is the reality that congregations are rarely able to support a pastor. The problem is not that the people are not willing to give, but that they truly do not have enough to cover even the basic needs of their own family. One way missionaries help with this is to teach various members of the congregation how to start small businesses that will bring in a small income to help support the family and allow the family extra funds to help support the local church. This model has been used all over the world and has proven very helpful in developing countries like Nicaragua. The first small business opportunity, or cottage industry as they are many times called, will be in the area of sewing. Some people from our supporting churches in the States are already at work planning for this. The idea is to develop a line of products and teach interested members from the congregations of our church planters how to make, market, and sell these items. Over the next six months we will organize our first “Cottage Industry Team”. This is a great opportunity for those with skills in the area of design and sewing to use their gifts and talents that God has given to bring glory to Him and spread the Gospel here in Nicaragua. Many have abilities in this area. Search your heart to see if this is something that God is calling you to become a part of. Please contact Richard & Cari Woughter at with any questions.