July 2020

What & Why 4 months of ... "Social Distancing" Cases of Covid-19 are continuing to rise here in Nicaragua and the state of the economy and the devastating impact that it is having on the families and communities here are becoming more evident each day. Prayer Requests: *Pray for the President and Vice President of Nicaragua to come to know Christ as their Savior, and for them to seek wisdom in leadership from the Word of God Praises: *Praise the Lord for TECHNOLOGY! *Praise the Lord for all of the friends, family and supporting churches that have reached out to us *For good health and the opportunity to see this amazingly exciting time in history! As we have been reading in the book of Lev

April 2020

We are praying for you! 21 days of ... "Stuck at Home!" We mean, staying at home and self quarantining, social distancing and isolating, of course! We are stowed away in our house, just like most of you and have watched from our home here as the world has changed! WOW! One thing that remains the same though, is that beautiful, blue Nicaraguan sky and the HOPE that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ! ~March 15th was the last day that we worshiped outside of our home and this was the view as we drove to church, not having any clue what awaited us in the days and weeks ahead. ~Covid-19 Status. The government leaders here have not established any guidelines for mitigating the spread of Covid


Chad & Rachel Strong  ABWE Missionaries to Nicaragua