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September 2020

Immediate Prayer Needs!

Dear loved ones,




We are excited and grateful that we can call out to you as you share in our journey in what the Lord is doing here in Nicaragua! God, has been, is, and WILL BE so very good to us as we seek to become more like His son!

We have endured a great deal since we left the safety, comforts, family and friends of home, and God's faithfulness is abundant. We are able to share so often with the people here how the Body of Christ from ALL over the world walks alongside us AND them, spurring us on so we may spur them along as well! Is God amazing or WHAT?

We need you!

Would you join us in praying and if God leads, jump in and take part in something going on here in Nicaragua!

We have NEWS so read on!


Church Kitchen and Back Wall at IBCC In Need of Repair Immediately!

Last Sunday was the FIRST TIME in over 5 months that the church kitchen was open to serve the people after the service. Praise the Lord! After church, Pastor Lester showed us how the back side of the church building was falling away.

Unfortunately, the church floor was poured directly on the ground with no footers in place to stabilize the construction. The fire pit, in the kitchen, where they prepare the meals, has cracked and is falling away with the floor. On Sunday, as Pastor Lester's wife, Isabel, was cooking, she stepped in front of the stove and the floor gave way! Praise the Lord she was not injured! This repair is of great urgency as we do not want to see the entire back wall come down with the floor! It was also brought to our attention that about two feet of the existing building are sitting on the neighbor’s property, and he has asked that it be moved.

IBCC is in the process of breaking ground to construct their new church building directly across the road and we will be starting a campaign to raise the last $5,000 needed to complete this nearly $20,000 project. More info to follow shortly. Praise the Lord! The existing church facility will then be used for class rooms. The kitchen will continue to serve the church and the community as they provide one meal a week.

Chad has been to the church everyday this week with one of his construction partners. They have a parts list and a plan. Although we are excited to break ground on the new building, this emergency must be dealt with first to keep the integrity of the existing building intact.

So, as we are beginning the fund-raising campaign to build the new church, we are FIRST seeking God’s provision in this repair. We are not sure now, but will know in a couple days what the cost of this project will be. Most likely in the range of $500 to $1,500.

Would you please join us in praying for both of these projects?

If you would like to partner with IBCC in the construction of the new church or the repair on the existing building please CLICK HERE and specify that the funds are to go to the “Church Construction Account.”

We will be providing more detailed information about the new construction but we wanted to act on this repair immediately before the integrity of the building is affected anymore!

ALSO….. we are hoping to leave on a THREE MONTH furlough in a little over 2 weeks.

Chad wants to be here for this repair. The quicker we can get started, the more likely he will be able to oversee this project.

The Lord is mighty and is at work here in this community! As we walk alongside them together in the Body of Christ, it is a mighty thing to see! Praise the Lord!


We had planned to be in the States for a furlough in August but with the state of the world due to the virus, it did not happen. Commercial flights have not flown in or out of Nicaragua since the beginning of the pandemic!

Although there were some expensive charter flights taking place these last couple of months, we decided to wait and see if the commercial flights would resume sometime in October or November. We have purchased tickets to fly into Miami for $116 a person! We didn’t want to risk another flight into NY knowing that flights and connections are cancelled every day. We are renting a vehicle and will make our way north on the ground.

It looks like this flight IS GOING TO HAPPEN! American Airlines is set to resume their service on October 8th. We fly out just after noon on the 9th! This will be such a HUGE deal as we and so many people in this country and from all over the world have waited for commercial service to resume.

BUT, now we are down to the wire in preparing for our departure. There is so much to take care of before we leave. Getting materials to the church so that they can continue their discipleship program, the church repair and all the other logistics of leaving your home for 3 to 4 months. We have not been able to really plan anything whole heartedly because EVERY commercial flight has been cancelled for the last 6 months, sometimes, the morning of the flight! Uhhhhhhg! Poor friends who have struggled through all that!

We have been working along and now it's time to leave! We are so excited to visit with you all and share about how YOU can be a part of what God is doing here.

We could use your prayers as we make our preparations to leave! Please pray that we would be at peace, that everything would come together smoothly and that Chad would be able to get the church repair completed.


The missing package! I can’t believe that we are dealing with this, because it seems just so crazy, but yet here we are! Over TWO weeks ago, my oldest daughter, in PA, mailed my homeschool books for the kids and some vitamins. I paid $55 for the package to arrive in TWO DAYS! Our teammates who left on a charter to get their college kids back to the States were coming back to Nicaragua on a charter flight last week and so graciously agreed to bring a bag back for us. We have been homeschooling and our daughter in PA has all of our material. There have been a ton of pictures, videos, chats and phone calls. It has been a wee bit crazy, BUT, we have been so grateful that the Lord has provided in the ways that He has. I was not sure if we were actually going to be able to fly out or not. It still could be cancelled. The word on the street, or online, haha, was that flights may not resume until the beginning of the year! I saw the opportunity to get the books and my vitamins down here and took it. WELL, Shawna mailed the package to my friends in Ohio, USPS and it was to arrive THREE days before they left. It never came! It STILL has not arrived! I can’t even! It’s been TWO FULL weeks and it was supposed to arrive in two days! Yesterday I was finally able to talk to a live human being and the lady was very kind and helpful. However, oh my goodness, this is a huge however, we have no idea where the package is! Uhhhhhhhg! She says that it looks like it’s stuck in Cincinnati. It was one of the craziest conversations I’ve ever had. She went on and on telling me what a mess the mail system is right now and that packages can be left sitting for weeks! Her words! For real!

Then why did you allow me to pay for expedited shipping? Haha! Oh goodness!

She said I would have to wait for the package to arrive and then send it back. I asked if I had to pay to have it sent back and she said that she didn’t know but that I would NOT get a refund on my money because THEY ARE NOT REFUNDING now because of Covid. I just want my books! I have almost been in tears! Homeschool material is not cheap and I definitely do not want to take the time to have to order things AGAIN or pay for them again! Not to mention that because of Covid many of the homeschooling distributors are back ordering many of their titles. We are almost a quarter into our year and we need to keep going. Would you please pray that this package arrives! We then need to have it sent UPS or FEDEX because after that conversation I’m NOT sending it by mail! This has just been such a very frustrating situation. I was so excited about finally having the kids resources in hand and it just didn’t happen! So many things out of our control. It brings us such comfort that the God of Creation has control over everything! Even this missing package! Working on my patience I am!

Thank you for reading our news! We are so grateful for you and for your prayers! We are excited to see how the Lord will provide for all these needs. Please feel free to email us with questions or to chat! To give to the Church Projects today, CLICK HERE.

We love you,

The Strongs


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