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August 2020

What? & Why?

A missionary in Nicaragua for nearly 2 decades, Brian Weed, recently shared an encouraging message about the "Why" and the "What" of the missionary journey. There are so many opportunities to hear about the "What".

~ What is it that you need? ~ What are you raising money for? ~ What project are you currently working on? ~ What does the church build cost?

Recently we shared with a supporting church that the Lord was directing us to raise some funds to purchase Bibles. It had become quite apparent that many, even those in the church, did NOT have a Bible! THAT was the WHAT! The question was, what is needed?

We answered how the Lord was leading and the church heard! The church responded and the church GAVE toward the WHAT! The only reason we have the WHAT is because of the WHY! This beautiful lady, Nubia, that received one of these Bibles in our church is the WHY! Thank YOU! Thank you for hearing and serving the Lord as you share the love of our Lord and King with others half way around the world! The Lord is mighty and He is all about the WHY!

"And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37-39

ICP Pastors Licensed

(ABWE Instititute of Church Planters)

Congratulations Pastor Lester Cerna, Pastor of IBCC, and his family for the great accomplishment of obtaining his license that allows him to perform funerals, baptisms, weddings and communion.

August 22nd we were honored to be a part of the ceremony to recognize three pastors who have studied to show themselves approved. They are all graduates of the ABWE ICP program and are continuing education through their mother church IB Belen.

2 Timothy 2:15

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Celebration at Centro ABEM

(Centro ABEM ~ ABWE Ministry Center)

Sunday, August 23rd, was a beautiful day to celebrate Pastor Lester's achievements with the church family of IBCC!

Our team mates, Bruce & Laura Edgar, joined us for the morning service where Bruce gave a wonderful message about caring and loving your pastor.

Many people came forward, including pastor's wife, mother, friends and members of the church, to give thanks for Pastor Lester and to offer him words of encouragement. One of the most precious moments was when his boys came up to tell of how proud they were of their father.

After the service, Pastor Lester performed the first of his baptisms in the pool. Two ladies stood before their church family and showed their commitment to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by submitting themselves to the waters of baptism.

It was just a lovely day and we are so proud of Pastor Lester for all of his hard work and grateful to the Lord for allowing us to serve Him in this way!


  • Please pray for the Nicaraguan people as they endure the added hardships of Covid. Specifically pray for rain for the farmers who are suffering because of the drought and for others who have lost jobs and are no longer able to provide for their families.

  • Homeschooling. Here we are again! We were supposed to be in the States from August to December and had planned to homeschool for that time and decided that we would begin that way here for an easier transition when the airlines open up for us to come home. The last 2 years have been filled with transition. As we are trying to settle into our home and into the culture, we are waiting to find our new normal. Well, Covid messed with everyone's "normal"! haha! We will have to wait a little longer to get into a settled mode. Please pray for our family to be obedient in all that we need to do to make this work.

  • Pray for our travel plans and for missionaries around the world who are misplaced and trying to get to where they consider home.

  • Final preparations are coming together to begin the church construction at IBCC. Please pray as we work toward breaking ground!

  • Please pray for us as we prepare for our different Bible studies and discipleship groups.

  • Our support level has dropped due to the effects of Covid. We also needed more support to cover the costs of our kids school. Homeschooling allows us some time to raise that support and also to build our support base back up! The Lord's faithfulness is always evident and we are excited to see who He would have to walk alongside us in the this ministry! Please pray that hearts would be moved to join us in the work going on here.

We are SO grateful for you and your continued encouragement and especially for your prayers. Thank you for reading our newsletter. Please email us at or message us on FB or text or call, 607-348-4824 if you'd like to chat, leave a message, pray or just hear our voices! We have been so blessed to have several friends that have video chatted, called and sent messages in the last several months. Any touch from home is a huge blessing!

We love you,

The Strongs



  • Shawna and Kyle are beginning their first homeschool year and Rachel was blessed to be able to help Shawna with all of her preparations!

  • Wesley and Talitha are wrapping up their busy summer in Alaska with Kingdom Air Corps. They weren't able to host their camps in the Arctic Circle this year, but they had plenty going on at the Ranch to keep them busy! You can check out their latest Newsletter here.

  • Haven and Crystal are doing well with their little family and we are anxious for the opportunity for our family to meet little Haven Jr.

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