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May 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We are so excited to share our May update with you! The ministry opportunities are endless here in this beautiful country and we are so very grateful for your partnership in sharing the HOPE of the Gospel. Make sure you scroll all the way down for UPDATED FURLOUGH NEWS!


We had to cancel the first Project Protege Event scheduled for May 22nd due to concerns over rising cases of COVID. After much prayer and counsel we believed that it was most wise for us not to bring over 300 students from all over the country together! This was a HUGE disappointment for the kids and for the Project Protege Team! In an effort to encourage the kids, leaders and pastors we set out to deliver the certificates of completion and bags of candy to each church. We also were able to assist each pastor in hosting a small, celebratory event in their community. Our plans are not the Lord's and HIS plans are good! Please continue to pray for this ministry project as we work to reach the next generation with the hope of the Gospel! The next event is scheduled for August! Pray the plans would go forward! Thank you for your constant encouragement as we live out life here! Keep scrolling, because there has been a lot of life lived! Look and see what the Lord is doing! All our love,

Serving while waiting,

The Strong Family

“Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” 1 Peter 3:15


Movie Ministry

Maiden Voyage of the Monstrous Movie Screen

For the last year Chad has been working on building this 10' x 6' movie screen. After a month with a family ministry focus at Cristo es el Camino, they hosted a family movie night. We watched the move Courageous, ate popcorn and were challenged to make the Lord and His Word the center of our families lives.


Water Filter Delivery

50 water filtration systems, 2 hours north, heading to hurricane hit areas

Chad and Edwin Morales Flores prepared all the buckets by drilling and cutting holes to accommodate the spickets and filters.

We set out to visit a church in the north and dropped off the buckets and filters to National Ministry Partner, Pastor Gregorio on our way.

Pastor Gregorio and his team traveled for the next 4 days to deliver these filters.

It was such a blessing to spend time with Pastor Gregorio and his family. We had a wonderful time talking and praying for several hours.

These national church pastors are so grateful for the tools and resources that our field team, in partnership with all of you, are able to share with them.

Thank you for making this work possible!

It's a beautiful thing to see so many different hands and hearts coming together to share the Hope of the Gospel!


Hurricane Relief Thank you for your generous giving for relief efforts!

​Pastor Gregorio took the last load of hurricane relief supplies, including the bucket water filtration systems, out to the people on the east coast. This community had lost so much in the storm and has suffered crop loss due to flooding that has continued to make things difficult for them. The gospel has been shared multiple times and there is great potential for a new church plant as a result. Please continue to pray for these people.


Project Protege: Esteli Puertas Abiertas Baptist Church

We were so excited to visit one of the churches participating in Project Protege! Pastor Clemente, his wife and the leaders in the church were just as excited to have us join them for the service they had to award their students the completion certificates for "Quien es Cristo." We are so blessed that our kids love to go where the Lord calls!


Project Protege: Juigalpa

Senda De Vida Baptist Church

Pastor Marlin and his wife Rebeka were wonderful hosts when we visited them in their part of the country about 2 and half hours away. They had great pride in showing us the beauty of their community. Oliva was able to be in the class where they are now working through their second books.

The pastor presented each student with a certificate of completion for the book, "Quien es Cristo?" and we shared a small bag of candy with each student.. Pray for these pastors and their wives as they serve to reach the next generation of leaders!


Thomas Belt Zoo We visited our first zoo in Central America

When visiting one of the Pastors participating in Project Protege, he and his wife invited us to the zoo in Juigalpa! We were surprised to find so many animals. My favorite was the water buffalos! I loved how they unashamedly lounged themselves in the pit of mud!


Women's Ministry

Started the new study of "Pacificadores", PeaceMakers.

Matthew 5 says that "Blessed are the peacemakers!"

We are diving in and seeking how we can use God's Word to manage our emotions and attitudes in a way that would bring us more peace, especially during conflict!


WOL/PDV Friend Day

Marcela & Uriel. Your supported students at English 4 Life

We were invited to be a part of "Friend Day" at PDV.

Marcela, Uriel and the other English 4 Life Students presented their English skills in perfect WOL style.

There was music, drama, testimony of changed lives and of course the GOSPEL!


STRONG Life Snapshots

BIRTHDAYS: We celebrated Gracie and Joseph's Birthday with friends and paintball. HOMESCHOOL: DONE! So grateful to be done with the school year! The kids have endured the year well and with great attitudes! It's been difficult to be home without a homeschool community, but we did it!


Plans have once again CHANGED! For so many different reasons we have changed our furlough. We think this new schedule will be so much better for our family! Being fluid and flexible have taken on new meaning this last year! WHEN: December 2021 to June 2022 WHERE: We have no idea where we are going to live, what we will drive, or how we will wash our clothes! haha! Seems all good, right? ** If you know of some snowbirds that "need" us to take care of their house, please let us know. Any leads on housing in the Windsor, Binghamton area would be GREATLY appreciated! ** If you would like us to put your church on our visitation schedule, please let us know by emailing us at

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