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November 2020


Friends & Family,

A great deal of things are taking place in our part of the world as well as yours. We hope you find our update informative and encouraging. If you have any questions, please email us, or message us on Facebook. It's always great to hear from family and friends!


Hurricane Eta relief and the arrival of hurricane Iota

It's difficult to imagine but as we are preparing to travel north with relief aid, another hurricane is approaching Central America!

Hurricane Iota is on her way, and our preparation continues for TWO relief trips in response to the devastation of hurricane Eta.

This afternoon field team partner Bruce Edgar will assist in loading a large, yellow "school" bus with supplies and donations here in Managua. Our ABWE field team will be splitting up and heading on two different trips beginning in the early morning hours Monday. One load will head northeast and the other northwest. Chad and field team partner Mark Holsinger will be joining 6 local pastors and a doctor early tomorrow morning in our very loaded van, for a 3 day trip, while field team partner Craig Fisher heads northwest. Chad's group will head out around 2:00am and meet the bus in San Benito around 4:00am. They will travel north together.

ABWE partners with three different association of churches here in Nicaragua and they have been gathering and sorting donations all week. They have received donations from many churches, as well as food from Convoy of Hope, and 500 boxes of long-life milk from the milk company, Centrolac. Praise the Lord for their diligence and for the way God's people have answered the call to offer aid to the people in the northern part of this country. Our team has also added food and medicine to these deliveries thanks to the generous giving from our ministry partners. Our field team will also be assisting in delivering these donations.

Please pray as Iota has the potential of developing into a category 4 storm as she makes landfall in the same area as Eta!

She is forecasted to drop even more rain than Eta did on the already saturated areas and is due to arrive Monday night or early Tuesday. Our field team heading Northeast is planning to be in the area Monday through Wednesday. Plans may need to be adjusted but it's imperative that we at least get the supplies to the churches as far north as we can so that they may then distribute them to the surrounding churches.

**Relief efforts will be ongoing after this storm crosses the northern section of the country. If you would like to give, please note Nicaragua Hurricane Relief.


We will NOT be coming home until 2021!

Commercial flights have continued to get cancelled month after month here in Nicaragua. There are some charter flights that you can purchase to fly in and out of Miami only, but they are more than what we would like to spend on tickets. With Covid continuing to disrupt life back in our home areas of New York and Pennsylvania we have decided to weather the storm here for another year! We were REALLY looking forward to spending the holidays with our families so this has been a bit sad for us. It doesn't look like the Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be quite the same this year anyway so we wouldn't have enjoyed a "normal" holiday season. We have really enjoyed our holidays in Central America over the last several years and are looking forward to the blessings that the Lord will have for us. We will finish out this school year with homeschooling and carry on with our normal life no matter what closings Covid brings. We hope, God willing, to be home next fall for several months and we are praying that the virus will have settled down enough to make visiting and being together with those we love possible!


* The church construction is coming along. We only lack around $1,500 to complete the project. It is on schedule to be completed in December with a grand opening and baptisms planned. * The kitchen project is complete! Pics soon! * We are so thankful to all of you that were a part of us getting our homeschool books down here to Nicaragua!

* Praise the Lord for the opportunity to work with National Partners and Stateside Ministry Partners to bring hope to the suffering communities in northern Nicaragua.

Prayer Requests:

* Pray for safety during the impending hurricane and for the travel plans this week

* Rachel has been struggling with some significant asthma issues along with coughing . Please pray that this would relent. She has been unable to teach in the ladies group and at church on Sundays.

* Pray for the people of Nicaragua as they suffer the severe effects of these hurricanes. Specifically for safety and for their crops of corn and beans. It is most likely that they will lose most of their crops! We love you,

Serving while waiting,

The Strongs


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