October 2020

UPDATE on Immediate Prayer Needs!

Friends & Family,

THANK YOU for your prayers and generous hearts! Read on to see how the Lord is moving in the world!


The funds have come in for the wall!

THANK you to all that gave toward this immediate need. The funds came in and Chad was ready to go! He has been at the church almost every day this week to help get the construction underway on the kitchen wall and also to break ground on the existing church construction project across the street.

Really, we are so in awe of how the Body of Christ has come alongside this community of believers here. We can’t wait for teams to come down and serve alongside them. Your support for these projects means a great deal to this community and will have a positive impact for years to come here.

The immediate need of shoring up that back wall is underway so that no more damage happens to the existing structure. There is still the issue of part of the kitchen area being on the neighbors property. Chad has accounted for that and when we return he will begin that construction. We have all the funds needed for this part of the project! Praise the Lord!


We lack only $1,825 for this project!

We haven't even had the opportunity to really do a fund raising campaign for this project and almost all the funds have come in for the $20,000 projected cost! Isn't that amazing! There is a construction foreman that will oversee this entire project and the church should be completed by the time we get back. We cannot WAIT to see it when we get back and celebrate with the church families here! What a great day that will be! If you would like to give toward this project please CLICK HERE and be sure to specify that it is for the "Church Construction Project".


We believe that this flight next Friday, October 9th, is going to happen and we are moving FULL speed ahead to be ready to go.

A couple details:

* We have a house to rent for $200 a month in New Milford PA. It is fully furnished! We are so grateful for this huge blessing.

* We also have a VAN to use while we are home! We are blown away by the generosity of those that walk alongside us in this journey. God is so amazingly good! It's extremely strange not to have a house, car, printer, washing machine or any of the normal things of our own to use while we are home. Just so weird!

* Several of you have asked for lists of things that we may need while we are there. We are working on this and are grateful for the requests to help that have come in. THANK YOU!


The missing package!

Da, da, daaaaaaaaaa. It's STILL........ wait........................ missing! haha!

So not funny, but at this point it's like seriously?

We have done everything we can to find the missing package. We filed a claim and also a search for missing mail so we will see what happens. It took several hours and a ton of self talk to stay in the game to accomplish this and we are still hopeful that it will turn up.

Unbelievably a dear friend has already ordered and paid for all the school books to replace the ones we lost. They should be there for us when we get home! I have shed so many tears of gratitude this week! We are so truly grateful for your love and care!


* So many Lord! SO MANY!

* We are so grateful to serve the Lord alongside all of you.

Prayer Requests:

* Pray that we can get everything in order before we leave.

* We have some things to accomplish at Immigration in regards to extending our residency while we are gone.

* We want to be able to visit family and friends while we are home but are concerned about the complications that Covid may have on our time with loved ones. We love you,

Serving while waiting,

The Strongs


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