May 3rd, 2020

Round #1


April 24th, 2020

Putting together the packages.



April 22nd, 2020

Join us in providing HOPE!

GOAL:  30 families in 20 different communities

COST PER FAMILY:  $14....1 packet (serves one family)  Each family will receive, rice, beans, oil, sugar, toothpaste,  and liquid soap. A HUGE blessing!

TOTAL NEED:  $8,400 (serves 600 families)  Our goal is to collectively raise the funds needed and as they are provided we will schedule more churches.  
COST FOR 1 CHURCH:  $420 (serves 30 families)

We are so excited to be partnering with the ministry of WOL Nicaragua! 

WOL is a ministry that consists of national missionaries, reaching the people in their communities, in their country
It's amazing what the Lord is doing!  On March 27th WOL hosted a one day event in which they served 182 people
in their community, by giving them liquid soap and instructions on good hand washing techniques.  
53 people found HOPE that day in the promises of the Gospel and gave their lives to Christ!


WOL Director, Guillermo Aquilar, & his national missionary partners, have asked to partner with our ABWE ministry team and the national pastors of the ICP, Institute for Church Planters, in order to serve the communities that these churches are in. 

For the last two years, the people of Nicaragua have been suffering through the ramifications of a country in the grip
of civil unrest.  The government has remained silent and elusive in the face of this Covid-19 pandemic that has
demanded the attention of the entire world.  The people of Nicaragua do NOT have daily news briefings or government
authorities that are implementing preventative measures to protect their people.  As 80% of the country
lives in extreme poverty
,they are not only living in the daily reality of wondering how they will provide
the next meal for their family, but in fear, knowing that unlike every other country around them, no one is

guiding them in what they should be doing during this time. 


Partner with us to serve 600 families in 20 different communities
National ministry partners in 20 different locations will invite 30 people from their communities to join them for this event.  They will be invited to come in groups of 10, for 30 minute increments.   ABWE & WOL missionaries will serve together to provide teaching on proper hygiene, distribute packets and serve alongside the national pastors as they share the Gospel with the people in their communities. We will be wearing masks and maintaining a safe social distance as we teach, serve and give! 

Join the 10 ABWE missionaries, 10 WOL missionaries, and 20 national pastors

by partnering with us as we serve the people of Nicaragua!

WOL Nicaragua

On March 27th in the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, WOL (Palabra De Vida) hosted small group events on their campus, in Managua, Nicaragua to supply the local community with effective hand washing strategies, and the

Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Glory be to the Lord for the great success of this event!

They hosted 182 people, of which 53 came to receive Christ as their Savior!  

Join us as we partner with them

to take the message of HOPE to

more communities and families

during this time full of fear and the unknown!